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The business world is currently more than ever reshaped by technology. Businesses are now able to reach even more customers world wide with just a click of your mouse. Technology has also pressed forward business principles and designs by bringing out new equipment to manage budget, streamline procedures, and even appeal to more consumers. For instance, you will find softwares today that can automatically record daily attendance of employees and process leaves and wages with minimal human disturbance. There are also point of sale systems that can screen customer purchases and addresses their considerations instantly. You can also find cloud technologies that store information about third party servers and offer various subscription packages depending on the form of business and storage demands of the company.

Increasingly, knowledge-based companies are competitive in winner-take-most markets where the search for the next big thing dominates management. Hierarchies flatten, not because of democracy bestowed within the workforce although because to be effective in these conditions, deliverers of the next fresh thing has to be organized like commando products in small teams that report right to the CEO or plank and are granted free rein. This change means that centralized strategic and innovation functions cannot preserve pace by themselves. They will have to be more linked to networks external their institutions to spot, make investments in and acquire possible opportunities as they arise. This shift will require an elementary change in just how IT works to aid it.

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