Supersonic Biotech SA is a company founded in 2015 in Switzerland. We provide various therapeutic solutions for health and wellness applications based on plants and functional mushrooms. Responding to the increasing demand for better absorption and bioavailability, we are perfectly positioned to provide a wide range of patent-protected processes, formulas, and products.

As a creative, dynamic, and flexible company, Supersonic Biotech SA has invested in research & development for three years in partnership with the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). We believe there is an urgent need for new water-based products to dramatically increase the bioaccessibility and bioavailability of low soluble medicinal plant extracts. Improved and natural delivery systems will be the key to human health and metabolic homeostasis.

Founded initially to extract, purify Cannabis extracts and solubilize Cannabinoids in water, SPS is looking to the future by partnering with Swiss NanoTech. We’ll develop a new line of breakthrough products using nano-sized delivery systems, a practical approach to drastically improve bio-absorption.

Plants’ active ingredients are extracted and processed by Supersonic Biotech SA in Rolle, Switzerland. All methods have been developed in partnership with the CNRS using Green Chemistry standards, defined as “the utilization of a set of principles that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances.”



Supersonic Biotech SA is working actively on the use of nano encapsulated natural compounds for space travel related pathologies such as SANS, osteoporosis, neuro degenerative diseases, premature aging…
R&D is focused on cellular senescence, telomeres regeneration and gut microbiome balance. The output of all experiments will profit both space travelers and people on earth.