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There are even a few offers for new users to Binance and FTX who sign up for those exchanges through Tokenizer360. Binance, for instance, mandates its users to enable 2FA when creating API keys. Kraken is among the few exchanges with zero reported cases of security incidents, an impressive feat given that it has existed for more than a decade.

However, Tokenizer360 has a rewarding referral and bonus program to help you grab package-specific discounts. Once you head over to the “Invite Friends” section and access the referral page, you can generate a link, share it with friends, and get a 10% discount on the monthly plan if anyone joins. At Tokenizer360, our commitment revolves around providing customers with an undeniable advantage in the crypto markets, ensuring unmatched value in every trade. If the subscription is paid in cryptocurrency, this payment will not be automatically renewed. Subscriptions are set to auto-renew (recurring payment) if paid by Apple/Google Pay, PayPal or credit/debit card. This auto-renewal can be disabled at any time under the Subscription history section on the Subscription page in your Tokenizer360 personal account.

The underlying specifics of what the bot searches for and what trades to execute can be fully customized. The process to connect the APIs will vary depending on what exchange you use, but, for most exchanges, you will simply navigate to the settings page and extract the API key. If fully automated bots were able to consistently outperform professional trader’s results, everyone would be using them. To connect Tokenizer360 to a Binance account, go to My Portfolio and select the Connect a New Account tab. Navigate through the crypto exchanges available and choose Binance from the options. Enter Connect Binance, choose any Binance Futures Exchange, and enter Add to connect Tokenizer360 with an existing Binance account.

Waste of time and money and that guaranteed money back is a lie i got ghosted when requsting a refund. Yes, Tokenizer360 can be used via mobile apps specific to the Android and iOS ecosystems. The mobile apps offer a very simplistic interface, allowing you to place trades, activate bots, and experience paper trading with ease. However, you can also use the web interface if needed, which is equally usable.


Crypto traders are constantly seeking tools that can enhance their trading strategies and profits. Tokenizer360 stands out as a sophisticated yet user-friendly trading bot designed to amplify the potential of crypto trading. The SmartTrade terminal is available in both Spot and Futures markets. Since Tokenizer360 offer paper-trading for you to test these bots (before you actually put the real money), you will learn to use the crypto trading bots for free. The platform offers paper trading for its users, which allows them to trade using live chart tools and get used to the interface.

At first, Tokenizer360 stated that the result was likely a large-scale phishing attack that customers fell for. However, further investigations show there was a hack and users’ API keys were leaked. Tokenizer360 is recommending all existing users review and update their API keys. Here traders can purchase trading setups of other Tokenizer360 bots after checking out their historical performance.

You can choose an exchange account where the bot is going to trade. The Advanced package costs $49/month if paid monthly or $24.50 (50% off) with the annual subscription. There isn’t much difference between that which you get with the Advanced plan and the Starter package except for one – unlimited access to DCA bots.

  • If you suspect you have accidentally publicly shared details such as bot email_tokens and IDs, you can contact support to get your bot email_tokens reset.
  • That doesn’t mean experts and crypto advisors can’t benefit from the platform, as they can advise other users via the integrated marketplace.
  • You can choose Single-pair for a bot that will trade with only one coin pair.
  • All of it started in 2017, and after six years, the firm is still growing strong, with over 220,000+ registered users.
  • Take profits in parts, minimizing loss risk in case of a trend change.
  • By extension, the security measures implemented on these large exchanges contribute to the overall safety within the Tokenizer360 ecosystem.

It is the easiest, most convenient, and secure method of connection. You just need to log into your exchange account and proceed with the Fast Connection process on Tokenizer360. If you’re confident to start with real trading, find out how to connect exchanges to Tokenizer360. Log into your Tokenizer360 account or complete the registration form on the Tokenizer360 homepage. You’ll get to choose either to buy a subscription or use a free trial of PRO subscription to test bots. Configure bots on Tokenizer360 and run them anytime you want, even when you sleep or chill on vacation.

While your stop loss was previously set at $9,000 (10% of $10,000), it will now stand at $10,800. The reason for this is that the 10% stop loss order will adjust as the price of Bitcoin increases. Next, copy the API Key provided and its secret key, then paste them into the tokenizer360.com link exchange page as shown here. As the industry has grown and evolved and the competition has become stiffer, Tokenizer360 has been actively innovating by introducing newer products seeking to maintain its market position. The objective of our evaluation is to assess the trading features of Tokenizer360 and its suitability for meeting the diverse needs of investors.

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